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Hansel e Gretel

The wood, in Hansel and Gretel's story, has a disturbing aspect that is totally absent in this themed room: the bright colors, the three-dimensional trees, the small inhabitants of the wood that occupy them make the room very cheerful and welcoming. The walls, completely decorated by masters of art, form a worthy setting for a grandiose double bunk bed set up as a wedding favor.
To make the living room more attractive and cheerful, especially for the little ones, the following interactive special effects have been created:

  • welcome music that is activated upon entering the room

  • pressing the buttons located in the trees activates the audio effects that reproduce the "voices" of the small inhabitants of the forest

  • next to the entrance you will meet a large colored mushroom which however is the home of the Wood Gnomes, you can follow their activities by spying on them in their bedrooms through the peepholes placed in the mushroom

  • the Good and Beautiful Witch, absolutely vegan and sweetly romantic, will tell us about her special recipes dedicated to children.

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