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Peter Pan

Peter Pan, Wndy, Capitan Hook and Trilly welcome the guests of the Hotel Relax in San Benedetto del Tronto, in the rooms dedicated to them.
The timeless charm of their adventures, the scenography created by expert art masters who hand-decorated the walls of the room make the atmosphere unforgettable. Do not forget the double bunk bed and all the decorated and themed furniture.
The interactive special effects have been our strength, having in our company developing hardware and software for years and for the major Italian and foreign theme parks.
The effects are:

  • welcome music that is activated upon entering the room

  • interactive map: touching the points marked on the map activates audio effects that describe the chosen area and its history

  • shadow projection of Peter Pan and Wendi who, randomly, fly over Captain Hook's ship

  • Tinker Bell hologram appearing inside a cage and dancing to the delight of children.

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