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In the entertainment business this wave of novelty opens up many job opportunities and there are many new openings Escape Rooms in Italy.

The success of this activity is due to several factors: the storyboard, the games, the scenography and setting up.
Our company is able to realize Escape Rooms complete with all these features that allow a result of certain success
We do not offer franchising, but realization of Escape Rooms "keys in hand."


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What happens to our customers when they enter a Escape Room? Which atmosphere welcomes them? How can they be involved in the game? Here is the importance of a well-structured and exciting storyboard!Each room will be the access portal for adventure that must be memorable.

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The games are extremely important: their solution must be challenging but not unattainable, must be themed and never equal to each other.We can create unique props with or without special effects, with or without movement, reprogrammable in order to make the solution of our enigmas a unique experience.


Scenography - Setting Up

The realization of several Themed Rooms has allowed us to be the industry leader, to create Escape Rooms is a new challenge that allows us to bring in the entertainment market with an innovative vision and competitive prices.

The care of the furnishings, the objects to be included in the set is the final touch to make realistic the plunge in the adventure that we invite to do with us!



All the latest technology and special effects are used and developed by AnimatriX to make each Escape Room an incredible and emotional place

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