Themed Rooms is a section of AnimatriX dedicated to the hotel and the private sector who want to customize and make truly unique their room.
Our staff is available to make your every fantasy with skill and artistic interpretation, the result of years of study and experience in the field: every rooms, dedicated to adults or dedicated to children, is a place themed unforgettable and unique.
The quote is absolutely free and suitable for every type of budget.


Each room is first designed according to the demands of our customers, for this purpose the creation of explanatory sketches is the beginning of the "construction" of the themed room. The various explanatory sketches are fundamental to demonstrate an interpretation of the same, and are the basis for the success of theming.


Subsequently ideation of the themed room, we proceed to the design of the same with the creation of technical drawings in scale in order to accurately place the props and decorations that will be made later.


Depending on design choices, the size of the room, the theming, the rooms are made withe the more suitable and fireproof materials.
The bas-reliefs, decorations and all the works are "childproof" so you can create an environment without dangers and suitable for children.
The continuous research of materials, colors and shapes to create emotions.
ur staff is always up to date on topics popular and well known by young


Fitting out and furnishing accessories

Every detail is attended and taken to make the harmonious and complete set.

We take care of both the furnishings that equipment installed on the chamber to make it absolutely perfect and themed according to the expectations of our customers.